Local Craft Beer

Pumphouse Blueberry Ale

Pumphouse Breweries

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Hammond River


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Moosehead Ten Penny


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Picaroons Dooryard


This original ale combines the wheat beer traditions of Germany and Belgium with our English open fermentation process.  The result is a vibrant, refreshing summer ale highlighted by gentle spice and citrus notes.

TrailWay Bliss


 Meet, Bliss, our Session India Pale Lager (SIPL). Clocking in at 4%, this is the smaller sibling of Fuzzy Bubbles. Brewed with Czech Lager yeast, as well as a unique blend of American hops that we will surely make use of again. After approximately 8 weeks of lagering at 0C, this beer is hugely juicy, fruity, soft and smooth, yet crisp and effervescent. Extremely clean, coupled with a low ABV, this is one crushable and flavorful lager. Business with you.

Grimross Hop Blondie


Combining the finest German malts with some of the juiciest American hops, Hop Blonde is a hybrid of classic ingredients and new age techniques, with notes of lime, citrus and tropical fruit.

ABV 6%

IBU 23, 

Small Batch Strawberry Rhubarb IPA


A juicy, citrusy IPA with tropical hop flavors and lactose sugar that balances the bitterness. A generous amount of strawberry and rhubarb were added to the fermentation to give the beer a strong fruit back bone that's subtly sweet and yet a little tart.

Small Batch Stone Fruit


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