Frequent Asked Questions

Frequent Asked Questions

1. What time can we show up on the day of our Steak & Stein to set up?

~ Group organizers are welcomed to show up anytime after 4:00PM for a Saturday evening Steak & Stein. It’s possible to show up as early as 3:00PM but we would require advance notice.

2. Will the Pub be able to allow people attending the Steak & Stein to use their credit cards to purchase auction items?

~ Unfortunately, no … eventhough our Point of Sale system does accept credit cards and debit cards, it has been designed to only do so when linked to food or beverage purchases. We do offer an in-house ATM which can be used by your guests to get cash advances from those cards to purchase auction items.

3. What do we use to set up our auction items on?

~ We will typically setup 3 x 8” draped tables for the purpose of displaying items for a live auction, and if required, we can also cover our pool tables for displaying items for a silent auction.

4. Our group has a logo … can we put our logo on the tickets that the Pub prints?

~ Absolutely! If your group does have a logo, we will be happy to insert it on the tickets. Your group would need to provide a copy via email for use to download and insert. Typically however, if a group does not have a logo they wish to use, we will insert our Pub logo along with the Pub’s address. The addition of the Pub logo helps to further support and identify the location of where your fundraising event is located.

5. Why is there a maximum of 130 only? Is there a minimum also?

~ There really is no set minimum, however, we usually suggest no less than 30 people when hosting a “full” fundraising event.  

~ The maximum number has been set at 130 in order to provide for the most efficient operation of the evening’s events. For the Group hosting the fundraiser: it provides those attending a comfortable/not crammed environment to enjoy their night out; it provides the group with a manageable number to execute multiple fundraising activities successfully. For the Pub: it provides us with the ideal number to serve meals to efficiently and efficiently so that the Group can begin fundraising activities at a reasonable time.  

6. Can we sell the tickets for less or more than what you are suggesting?

~ The Group knows their “customers”, those that will be purchasing the tickets, best and so you can sell the tickets for whatever you believe is reasonable, however, keep in mind that the sale of the ticket also provides the Group with an opportunity to make some money as well.


7. What will happen if we are forced to cancel the event because of poor ticket sales or another unforeseen conflicting event?

Nothing … we make every effort to provide your group with as much information as possible, and we hope we are able to assist you with making the best possible selection of a date at the outset, however, the only way we can be successful is if your fundraising event is.  We can always find a better date and re-book!

8. How soon can we get the tickets?

Once we have met and discussed our Steak & Stein Package, answered your questions and your group has chosen an available date, we will require the name that your group wishes to have appear on the tickets. Once we have that, we’ll provide your group will a draft copy of the ticket for final approval before printing. Normally within two business dates we can provide you with 130 printed and numbered tickets. 

9. Are underage permitted to attend Steak & Stein events?

Anyone under the legal age is permitted as long as they're accompanied by a legal guardian or parent and they are here to eat.  Once the kitchen closes (usually about 10PM on Steak & Stein function nights), underage patrons are not permitted to stay any longer by Provincial regulation and are required to leave.

10. If we sell all 130 tickets, can people attend later for the auction portion of the evening only?

Yes of course! Our occupancy load or seating capacity has been set by the Provincial Fire Marshall’s Office at 182 patrons; however, both seating and table space may not be available (See Question #5).

11. When and how do we pay the Pub for the tickets we sold for Steak & Stein meals?

First of all, we only charge you for those Steak & Stein tickets redeemed on the evening of your function and we won’t know the exact number until the event is over. Typically we recommend to groups that: 1) they not bring the money collected for the sale of the tickets to the Pub that evening so you have less to worried about; 2) usually not all of the Pub’s staff have cashed out by the time your event is over and you are ready to leave; 3) there are several “last minute” things that can happen that changes the number of tickets sold for the event.  On the Monday, we will typically make contact with the group’s convener, let them know the number of tickets that were redeemed and make arrangements with them to meet at a convenient time later in the week to present them with an invoice made out in the group’s name and take care of payment which is normally in the form of cash or cheque. You should also know that it is very important to us that we maintain a high degree of credibility and integrity with the people and those groups we do business with. Therefore, with Steak & Stein functions, we will always provide back to the group, the tickets that were redeemed and that we receive payment for.

12. Can people attending our Steak & Stein order other things off the menu in addition to their meal?

Absolutely! Our full menu, as well as our dessert menu, is available until the Kitchen closes at approximately 10:00PM. Often people attending will wish to share an appetizer before their steak and stein meal, or have dessert afterwards. There are also times when people make the decision at the last moment to attend the fundraiser but don’t have a Steak & Stein ticket and would like to eat. 

13. Will the Pub’s Staff sell tickets for the group?

The sale of event tickets is the sole responsibility of the Group organizing the fundraiser/benefit. The Group hosting the fundraiser/benefit knows best who should be selling and who should be buying tickets to their function. It is important for the Group to have complete ownership and management control of the event so they can oversee the success of the event.